My Hood (Benchtop) (MS-90T)

My Hood (Benchtop) (MS-90T)

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Safe, Easy-operation, Space-saving Fume Hoods

Features of My Hood (Benchtop) (MS-90T)

  • Easy installation with simple wiring and plumbing
  • Air is efficiently exhausted through the air flow regulation device
  • Standard equipped with water valve, lighting lamp, power sockets and waste liquid recycling tank
  • Various options such as blower unit, exhaust chamber and decorative panel
  • Specifications

    Item Code A001062
    Model MS-90T
    Exhaust damper Stainless steel, inner diameter ø150, outer diameter ø152, Fixed by flange
    Matched Pipe Hard polyethylene, inner diameter ø160, outer diameter ø165
    Flourescent light Single phase AC 220V 20W single light
    Water exhaust pipe Hard polyethylene / Single tube fixed (outer diameter ø40, Inner diameter ø31)
    Exterior Cold-rolled steel plate, chemical proofing powder coating, with adjusting casters
    Interior Hard polyethylene
    Glass door Toughened glass 5mm. Close and open (up and down) with balance block
    Safety structure Brake block to prevent door from falling down / Door opening extent sticker
    Air volume 7m3/min
    Internal static pressure Pa (mm H2O) 40 (4)
    External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 900×750×1000mm
    Power Source AC115 / 220V 
    Single-phase with step-down transformer
    Weight 90kg


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